Vintage Furniture Paint™ General Usage December 21 2015

Today we’re going to talk about general usage of Vintage Furniture Paint™ and go through the tips and tricks so you can the most out of our product! 

First of all, before using Vintage Furniture Paint™ you want to make sure you start with a clean surface free of grease, dirt and wax build-up to help avoid chipping and make sure the paint adheres to the surface. There are two ways you can do this: either by simply using soap and water or a “sander deglosser” for an easier clean that doesn’t require a bucket of water. You can find this at your local hardware or paint store for around $8.

As far as tools go, (nothing fancy is needed) a simple sponge brush is perfectly adequate! For a smoother finish we suggest using a small roller brush or a sprayer. A more rustic look can be achieved with a bristle brush. To begin, paint on the first coat and then follow up with some medium grid sandpaper to get rid of any paint that might have stuck and built up on the surface. 

The great thing about Vintage Furniture Paint™ is that no priming is needed. However, one problem customers have run into is that they will notice a reddish stain that bleeds through the paint no matter how many coats apply. These marks are called “tannins” and appear on surfaces that have older stains. To prevent this bleeding, you will need a spray version of an oil based primer which you can place over the tannins that appear after applying your first coat of Vintage Furniture Paint™. 

After your piece has dried, it is immediately ready for use. But ALL paints do require a few weeks to “cure,” (curing being different from drying) where the paint is bonding to the wood fibers. So be gentle during the first few weeks of usage and then enjoy your moisture resistant Vintage Furniture Paint™ piece! 


-The Vintage Furniture Paint™ Team

Pure Diva Project June 13 2014

We found this beautiful antique side table at a garage sale. As soon as we saw it, we saw a bright future for this piece. It just needed some TLC, and that we gave. We used our Vintage Furniture Paint, "Pure Diva", as the main color and for the drawer we used "Vintage White" to add some personality to the piece. We hope you are just as much in love with it as we are!! 

Small Project Ideas June 05 2014

Did you know we sell 4 ounce tester bottles as well as 16 ounce and 32 ounce jars of Vintage Furniture Paint? Although it is a great way to test a paint color before buying a bigger size, it's also practical and works great for small projects like candle holders and jewelry boxes. The two candle holders shown in the photo above are approximately 10" high and all that was needed was a 4 ounce test bottle. 

Memorial Day May 30 2014


Every year on Memorial Day, we go to a friends lake house to celebrate our freedom. While having a BBQ at my friend's house, I noticed she has an old vintage 1940's end table on her porch. It needed some TLC so I grab some "Pitch Black", used a small sponge brush and quickly brushed a little paint on the top. (VFP goes a lonnggg way) 5 minute instant makeover! Vintage Furniture Paint is water resistant so it's great for porch furniture too! 


May 22, 2014 April 29 2014

A "few" color swatches!