About Us


As a vintage furniture painter for over 10 years, I have used a variety of milk and chalk additive paints, stains, waxes, and finishes.  The hardest part was laboriously brushing on the wax to give my pieces shine and protection.  With that in mind, I developed Vintage Furniture Paint™  An easy all-in-one paint application that can be used on unfinished and previously stained or painted wood furniture.  The sealant is built-in so no additional sanding or waxing is needed!  Once painted, your piece will have a beautiful low luster sheen that is durable and moisture resistant too!  From shabby chic and coastal to a smooth urban finish or two-tone effect, Vintage Furniture Paint™ provides beautiful color and protection on all wood furniture. 


                                                       Tammy Villegas Wehner
                                            Creator of Vintage Furniture Paint™