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General Vintage Furniture Paint™ Tips:

1. It is very important to have a clean surface free of grease, dirt and wax build-up for paint to adhere and avoid chipping. You can use dish soap and water (rinse with clear water) and then let dry. Or, because I paint a lot of pieces, I usually use a "sander deglosser" to clean that "knaps" up the wood a bit and is easier than using a bucket and water! This can be found at a hardware or paint store (around $8)  

2. Use a sponge brush, small roller brush ( I like the 3 inch foam trim roller brushes) or a sprayer for a smooth finish.  If you want a more rustic look, use a bristle brush. After the first coat, I take medium grid sandpaper and quickly swipe over the piece to check for any weak spots and make certain the paint didn't stick in places. If so, I rough it up a bit in the spot and wipe clean (or use the deglosser) before I do the next coat.

3. You do not need to prime your piece if using Vintage Furniture Paint™. However, some older stains have "tannins" that will bleed through the paint. Regardless of how many coats you put on, a reddish stain will appear. The only way to prevent bleeding is to use an oil base primer. (Get the spray version) I paint a coat of VFP on.  If any tannins appear, I spray the spot with the oil base primer. 

4.Once your piece is dry you can use it.  However,  ALL paint needs a few weeks to cure (curing is different from drying). Although dry, paint needs to bond to the wood fibers. Your  piece is dry, moisture resistant and useable,  but, it is important to be a little "gentle" with the piece the first few weeks until the paint cures.




Frequently Asked Questions:


How much paint do I need?

A 16oz (pint) will cover a nightstand or end table.

A 32 oz (quart) will cover a dresser or chest of drawers and a

4 oz tester is great for small projects like candle holders.


Can I use Vintage Furniture Paint™  for indoor and/or outdoor porch furniture?

YES! Vintage Furniture Paint™ requires no additional waxing and has a moisture resistant sealant  already built into the formula, so it's perfect for porch furniture. Our paint is also a great choice for kitchen and bath cabinet  makeovers!  Take the moisture test:  Once your piece is painted and dry, pour water onto the surface.  The water will bead up and even shrink!


How do I apply Vintage Furniture Paint™?

Good prep work is essential for any paint project. Make sure your wood furniture piece is clean and free of grease, dirt, mold, or mildew. Remove any cracked, peeled paint, or rust. Use a roller brush or sponge brush for a smooth clean finish. You can even use in a paint sprayer.  Thin paint with a few tablespoons of water if using a sprayer.  A bristle paint brush is a good choice if you want a more "rustic" feel to your piece.


Does Vintage Furniture Paint™ look exactly like how it does in the bottle?

No, Vintage Furniture Paint has a gel like consistency and will dry darker once completely dry.            


How fast does Vintage Furniture Paint™ dry?

Our paint dries FAST!

Painting outdoors: approximately 15-30 minutes.

Painting indoors: approximately 30-45 minutes.

VFP has low VOC/low odor so it's safe to paint indoors. The first layer will be semi-translucent. Vintage Furniture Paint™ is self-leveling and dries fast so DO NOT go back over with brush until dry to the touch. Once dry to touch, repeat.


How many layers does Vintage Furniture Paint™ require?

Vintage Furniture Paint™ is a fast drying, coating and self leveling process. About 2-3 layers is recommended depending on how dark the underneath stain is. Because of it's gel-like consistency, there's no dripping so the paint process is fast. A dresser can be completed in under 2 hours, including drying time and breaks!


How durable is Vintage Furniture Paint™?

This paint is tough! Once dry and cured you will have a long lasting durable finish on your piece. The sealant is built-in for a beautiful low luster sheen.  Each layer of paint is a layer of protection.


How do I remove a stuck lid? 

If you forget to wipe the rim before closing and your lid gets stuck and won't open, run under hot water for a bit then tap on the counter!